The London Branch organises tickets and travel for most away matches. Train travel from London is generally booked well in advance to make it more economic. An away pre-match venue, usually a pub, is identified for socialising and for the distribution of tickets.  Sometimes a supporters' team match  is organised for the morning of a Saturday fixture.

If you are interested in matchday travel contact

During pandemic restrictions, with no away supporters allowed in football stadia, all matches are available on i-follow and branch members and others meet online in what we call 'the virtual pub' via Zoom. Details of how to join the virtual pub are in the members' weekly newsletter (vHTB).

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2021/22 Fixtures released on Thursday 24th June 
2020/21 SEASON


Tue Apr 20 2021 20:00

Location: Uni of Bolton Stadium

Meeting venue: Virtual Pub

Travel: N/A


Tues Apr 27 2021 19:45

Location: Johnny Rocks Stadium

Meeting venue: Virtual Pub

Travel: N/A

Leyton Orient

Sat May 01 2021 15:00

Location: Brisbane Road

Meeting venue: Virtual Pub

Travel: N/A






The branch organises mascots for away matches. It's a great opportunity for youngsters to get out on the pitch and meet with management and players pre-match.  If you would like your child to be a mascot then make your request to

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