Joining the London Branch

Whether you live in London or further afield, membership of the London Branch is a great way of getting closer to the Club you love whilst meeting fellow supports and having a good time.
There has never been a better time to join us, and its now even easier than ever before thanks to our online membership form. Whether a seasoned die hard or casual supporter, or anything in between, the Branch is sure to have something for you, but if you're not convinced then take a look at the benefits of joining to help make your mind up. If you've already decided you'd like to join then all the information you need is below - we look forward to welcoming you to the Branch!

Membership Types
Full - £18, includes Hit The Bar! and Ticket Deposit Scheme
Student - £10, includes Hit The Bar! and Ticket Deposit Scheme
Associate Membership - £5, includes TDS but not HTB!
Junior (under-18) - £3, includes Junior Blues Communications and TDS but not HTB!

How To Join
There are now more ways than ever to join the London Branch. Simply select the one below that's right for you to get started.

(1) Online - our online membership form is the easiest way to join the Branch. The form is quick and easy to fill in, and you can complete your application by paying online via PayPal, or alternatively opt to pay by other methods.

(2) By Post - if you'd prefer to send your membership application by post to our Membership Secretary Peter Smithson, then simply download the application form and send it along with your joining fee to:
Peter Smithson,
Great Gable,
Sheephouse Road,
Berks, SL6 8HB

(3) In Person - finally, you can join the Branch by speaking to a Branch representative at any match. Members are to be found before games in the pre-match meeting points given in our travel section.

If you have any queries either about membership itself, or about the joining process, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.