Prediction Competition

During the summer months London Branch members, and their friends, use all their football knowledge and expertise to complete their entries into the London Branch Prediction Competition. Forms are sent out to members but they can also use the website and e-mail to enter. For the benefit of all the new members who joined in recent seasons, never mind last season, who will not know anything about this apart from the mysterious listings in “Hit the Bar” and on the website here is a brief explanation.

How it works.....

The instructions are printed on the sheet, simply fill in the teams you think will be top and bottom of the leagues in May 2014 when next season ends, and the cup finalists in the two major cups and send in the form with the entry fee. It’s that easy.

You don’t need any skill as previous winners and many frustrated know-alls who have never won a penny can testify. Yes, you can probably name the top three in the Premier League, but that gets you only a point, getting them in the right order, and three points requires luck. After that the luck factor increases as you move down the leagues.

You can wait to see how teams have wheeled and dealed during the summer and even played a few games before you send in your entry at the beginning of September if you think that will help.

Don’t wait until the last moment. Start photocopying your entry sheet now and get a friend to have a go. Remember it is possible to e-mail your entry if you wish. Just remember it is not valid until the entry fee arrives.

50% of all the money raised goes to Carlisle United, usually in the form of a sponsorship deal, and so the more people you can interest in having a go the better. That’s ignoring the increased amount of money you could be receiving next summer.

Have a go, you will have some fun during the season and help raise much needed funds for the Club.

Enter online now...